Asset Search – Introduction

Assets can be a significant piece of any fight in court. For instance, in case you’re working in collections, you may need to see all of the assets an individual has so you see what you can go after. If you’re contemplating starting a new business with somebody, you might need to find out about whether that individual has any judgments or liens on their assets. In general, extensive asset investigation is a critical and extremely valuable piece of an individuals’ work. Here’s how a thorough asset search can help you in different circumstances.

Expose Someone’s Hidden Assets With Public Records

There are many different situations in which someone may want to hide their assets. In Family Law, especially in a situation like a divorce, where you may need to split assets 50/50, it’s not uncommon for the more well-off spouse to try and hide some of their assets so they don’t have to split them with the other spouse. In this situation, you need to be able to expose that person’s assets and bring them to the table so you can deal with them legally.

  • Someone hiding their assets may be trying to pay less than they owe or refuse to offer important assets to a spouse or partner.
  • If you just take their word for it, you may end up with an unfair and unbalanced agreement.
  • If you use a people search engine to search for the other party’s assets, you’ll be able to uncover all assets, not just ones each person makes easily available.

Asset Search Databases Makes Collections Easier

An important part of collections is understanding more about someone’s assets. If you’re legally allowed to collect on an aircraft, for example, you may need to learn more about that aircraft before you can collect it. That may include information about the aircraft’s specs, but it may also include information about the name and address of the person it’s registered to. Whether you’re collecting on an aircraft or on something much smaller, a people search engine can help you do it.

  • Collection agencies need to get a lot of information about people’s assets in a very short amount of time.
  • Especially if you don’t have a lot of information about an asset, you need to have a method of obtaining that information.
  • A public search engine could give you the information you’re looking for.

Fulfill Your Due Diligence With Asset Search Services

In a business, you have certain requirements that you need to meet if you want to keep yourself and your customers safe. Doing your due diligence is an important part of these requirements. Businesses need to make sure they’re investing in, hiring and doing business with safe individuals. Whether it’s legally mandated or just a social necessity, it’s important that you know your business partners are being upfront about their situation, which may mean verifying their assets through a third party.

  • Due diligence describes the processes you use to shield yourself from potential legal troubles in the future.
  • Part of due diligence is verifying the information that people who work with you give to you and your organization.
  • With a public search engine, you’re able to get that information from a reputable source with no worries about bias.

Trace Someone’s Current and Past Locations

One of the more difficult things that many licensed investigators run into is skip tracing. Especially if you’re trying to track down the alleged perpetrator of a crime or you want to find someone who’s running away from their debts, you might need to pull out skiptracing procedures to find that individual. One method of skip tracing that can be very successful is using the addresses assigned to someone’s assets. A quality search engine might be able to help.

  • Uncovering someone’s location is one of the most important parts of many investigations.
  • It’s hard to get generalized information about someone’s current and past locations on your own.
  • The right search engine could help you get that information and use it to uncover more about an individual.