Undercover investigations

There are many examples of investigations that could be useful to Clients. Internal theft, illegal drug use, company time theft, alcohol consumption on or off the job, gambling on company property, computer security, and violations of company policies can all be detected and memorialized for our Clients.


Omni Present Investigations provides armed and unarmed guards for various security needs like private security, executive protection and loss prevention. Whether it’s one security guard or a full-fledged team.

Armed/Unarmed Guards

Omni Present Investigations provides security guard services for any location, event, or situations serving all of New York that requires the presence of a security guard, armed guard or loss prevention team. Services cover temporary, permanent, short term, and long-term placements. All armed guards employed by the company have undergone extensive training and hold various certifications.

The company employs armed guards, unarmed guards, retired law enforcement, and military personnel focusing on providing exemplary service for reasonable prices.


Omni Present Investigations has a highly trained, qualified, motivated and accredited staff of seasoned investigators. Our investigators are available with state‑of‑the‑art equipment to conduct surveillance, either mobile or stationary, on very short notice. We generally use videotape to document activities that are observed.

Witness Location

Sometimes it is necessary to locate individuals that were witnesses, who are now needed for a deposition or a witness statement regarding an investigation. Omni Present Investigations uses many techniques, including, but not limited to, computer databases, neighborhood canvassing, vehicle registration information and personal interviews. These statements from witnesses can assist our Clients as to what, when, and why an incident has occurred.

Missing Persons

Omni Present Investigations conducts in‑depth investigations relating to Missing Persons. Our investigators are experts in database research, interviews, surveillance and compiling evidence that may bring our clients’ Missing Persons search to an end. Upon receipt of the details or leads we immediately respond into action. If an investigation is considered a “Cold Case” by the authorities, we will commit the resources and personnel to continue the investigation. Our services are discreet, very thorough and will help you when you’ve “hit a dead end” in your search.

Asset Investigations

Either before or after your judgment is obtained, we will locate assets held by your adversary. These include, but are not limited to bank accounts, bonds, employment compensation, mutual funds, real property, stocks and vehicles anywhere in the world.

Process Service

When you need process service, you need it done on time. Our team is dedicated to taking the hassles, problems, worry and uncertainty out of this vital aspect of legal work. NAPPS Member.

Due Diligence

OPI focuses on comprehensive Personalized Due Diligence Investigations and Public Records checks. OPI can offer timely and sophisticated insight by gathering and analyzing business-critical intelligence. OPI has established and currently maintains accounts

Executive Protection

Today’s executives and high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. Here at OPI we understand those risks.

Private Investigators

Omni Present Investigations will deploy our investigators into the field to conduct surveillance, missing persons or child custody/abduction or recovery cases, witness locates/interviews, accident scene responses, on-site support for computer forensics, litigation support.

Litigation Support

In all types of litigation, Omni Present Investigations can help attorneys and their clients develop evidence that will give them the advantage in their trial preparation and strategies. OPI can provide comprehensive investigative reports on individuals and corporations.

Background Investigations

Businesses are facing a shortage of qualified applicants. With a high demand to hire quickly, there is a risk factor in weeding out undesirables to find the best suitable applicants. Professionally conducted background checks are the best possible means to cut down on criminal infiltration, poor education, bad credit history, job instability, etc.

Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation

Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents happen every day, usually resulting in insurance claims, and often, lawsuits. Omni Present Investigations has extensive experience in investigating Motor Vehicle Accidents of all kinds.

Claimant Interviews

Omni Present Investigations can obtain both written and recorded statements from injured claimants from their homes, hospitals or office. These statements will include requested information about the claimant’s daily activities, hobbies, ability or lack of ability to perform day‑to‑day functions. We contact neighbors to confirm information provided by the claimant. This sometimes can detect inconsistencies in a claimant’s statement.

Witness Statements and Courtroom Testimony

Omni Present Investigations uses proven interview techniques to obtain information that is crucial to any investigation. When a witness is located, it is very important to obtain a quality, written and/or a recorded statement. Our staff is well trained and has a proven track record regarding the “do’s” and “don’ts” of courtroom procedures.

Marital Fidelity

You may have concerns about the fidelity of your mate. Regardless of the nature of your relationship or domestic partnership, you need to be assured that your mate is faithful. Omni Present Investigations can aid, with the use of telephone and cellular phone records, debit card and credit card activity and surveillance, to assure you of one’s fidelity.

Computer Investigations

The overwhelming majority of the world’s business documents are being drafted on computers and with today’s reliance on e-mail, instant messaging and internet business, various types of evidence can be identified and obtained from computers. OPI has a computer forensics investigations

School Safety Assessments

A school safety assessment is a comprehensive process used to evaluate safety in a school and is designed to help school and public safety officials identify any existing or potential risks, present positive safety strategies and identify other aspects.

General Investigations

General investigations we conduct include, but are not limited to: Corporate Investigations, Pre-Litigation Investigations, Matrimonial and Custody Investigations, and Computer Forensic Investigations. However, it is best thing to browse through all of our services to better understand.

Security Assessments

Omni Present Investigations LLC (OPI) believes all security assessments are not created equally. Although many in the industry have taken the easy, cookie-cutter approach when conducting assessments every institution and every individual has different needs.

Pre-Employment Screening

Background checks are a necessary fact of life for businesses today. However, not everyone understands that there is an enormous difference in the quality of background checks. Internet websites offering background screening and only charge $19.95 will not provide detailed information bout the employees. We offer better information and services.

Security Consulting

What separates OPI from the rest of the pack? All security consultants provide security solutions for a range of disciplines and environments. OPI has the ability to think outside the box to develop solutions that work for each individual client.

Matrimonial Investigations

As private investigators, we will work with your legal counsel and uncover evidence or information that will support your case. Our investigators can provide knowledge about a spouse’s real activities and document these activities which will often provide enormous information.

Asset Searches

Omni Present Investigations provides our corporate and individual clients with asset searches for a variety of purposes. Asset investigations often start with conducting searches on industry specific or proprietary databases, however, to obtain the crucial details there.