Licensed & Bonded Private Investigators

Serving New York (NYS License No#11000120623) & Florida (FL License No# A1800208)

Undercover investigations

There are many examples of investigations that could be useful to Clients. Internal theft, illegal drug use, company time theft, alcohol consumption on or off the job, gambling on company property, computer security, and violations of company policies can all be detected and memorialized for our Clients.

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Background Investigations

Businesses are facing a shortage of qualified applicants. With a high demand to hire quickly, there is a risk factor in weeding out undesirables to find the best suitable applicants. Professionally conducted background checks are the best possible means to cut down on criminal infiltration, poor education, bad credit history, job instability, etc.

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Omni Present Investigations has a highly trained, qualified, motivated and accredited staff of seasoned investigators. Our investigators are available with state‑of‑the‑art equipment to conduct surveillance, either mobile or stationary, on very short notice. We generally use videotape to document activities that are observed.

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Lynette B.
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I am so pleased to have chosen Lisa and the staff of Omni Present Investigations to handle my process service needs. Lisa was super responsive, pleasant and supportive and she completely took any pressure that I may have been feeling off my shoulders.

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